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Deacons are the servant layer of leadership in the church. They are qualified men (1 Tim 3:8-13) serving the church to meet a specific task in order to free the elders to devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4). The following are the deacons, the servant leadership, of Grace Bible Church.

Tyler Azeltine

Next Generation Ministries (3 years - 5th Grade)


Tyler Azeltine is deacon serving over Next Generation Ministries (3 years – 5th Grade).

Dave Bower

Benevolence & Church Finances


Dave Bower is deacon serving over the areas of benevolence and church finances.

David Brittain

Next Generation Ministries (3 years - 5th Grade)


David Brittain has been a discple of Christ since November of 1986. Since moving to Tempe in 2013, David and his family have served in a variety of ministries at GBC and it is here in the ministry of Next Generation Ministries that his experience as a career teacher and coach is utilized as he labors alongside our fellow NGM servants. David enjoys serving others and growing as a disciple as well as helping to disciple others within the church body. He and his wife Erin both serve in our discipleship layer of ministries at GBC as smallgroup leaders and they are deeply involved and invested in their personal family life as well with 8 sons to shepherd by God’s grace.

Bobby Casillas

Equipping Hour


Bobby was born and raised in Mesa, AZ.  The Lord graciously granted him repentance in 1999. In December of 2008 Bobby found his beloved home at GBC.  During that same year he met his treasured wife Allie, whom he married in 2010.  In 2014 he began to serve in the newly formed Equipping Hour ministry, which offers courses to the GBC body on various Biblical topics.  Bobby shares in the operational duties of Equipping Hour, a ministry dear to his heart because it is through the knowledge of the Lord that His saints grow in their ability to glorify Him.

Jeff Hantla


Jeff Hantla serves as a deacon of benevolence. His specific task is to assist and advise those with a need. He often helps individuals and families find means to meet physical needs as well as setting and meeting budgets; housing and financial difficulties are often discussed.  Working as a physical therapist for 35 years has prepared Jeff to help those with physical needs improve their strength and function as well as navigate the healthcare system. Drawing on his role providing for his family for 40 years, Jeff is skilled at encouraging husbands to find ways to care financially and physically for their family.
Jeff writes, “In going through life, we all should expect to experience times of suffering and trials, which are all designed by God to grow us in Christ. If this time of trial includes financial stress, I would love to meet with you and go over your budget with you to find out what needs changing or addressing and find ways the church can help you in this.”

Ben James

Next Generation Ministries (Infants - 2) & Smallgroup


Ben and his wife Melissa were raised in Southern California and met in high school at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. They were married in 2003 and moved to Arizona in 2007 for Ben’s job in the insurance industry and became members of Grace Bible Church the same year. Ben and Melissa have been serving in Next Generation Ministries since 2007 where Ben is currently deacon over the Infants and Toddlers ministry. Ben also serves as a smallgroup leader and is actively involved in various men’s ministries. In addition to NGM, Melissa also serves in the women’s Wellspring ministry and Frontlines. Ben and Melissa both attended The Master’s College where Ben received his degree in Christian Ministries Administration in 2003. He received his MBA from Arizona State University in 2012. They live in Chandler with their two daughters, Charis & Emma.

Steve Kovach



Steve and his wife Drew are natives to Arizona, they’ve been members of Grace Bible Church since 2012 and have four children.  Steve is a full time student at The Expositors Seminary and serves in the benevolence ministry as well as a deacon in the areas of smallgroup leadership and Student Ministries.

Vincent Lee

Next Generation Ministries (3 years - 5th Grade)


Born and raised in California, Vincent attended UCLA and earned his bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. Vincent was saved by God’s grace in high school, but truly experienced major spiritual growth while attending John Macarthur’s church, Grace Community Church while in college. Upon graduation he moved to Arizona to pursue a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Midwestern University. It was in Phoenix where he met his future wife Laura. He has been attending Grace Bible Church since 2014 and has been serving as a deacon in NGM since April 2019.

Jeremy Lehman

Logistics Coordination for Team PNG

jeremy@gbcaz.org — 602-663-1046

Jeremy and Lorie have been part of Grace Bible Church since 2010 and have been blessed with 3 children. Having served in Papua New Guinea for the last five years supporting the Canns, Dodds, Mitchells, Amelia Brink, and other missionaries, they returned to the USA in 2019. Jeremy currently serves as the Inter-Continental Business Manager for Finisterre Vision and is a full-time student at The Expositors Seminary. Along with administering the organization in the USA, he provides oversight of the Logistics Coordinator, who administers the organization in Papua New Guinea. Lorie and he also help train missionaries for living off-grid in remote jungle contexts.

Jeff Maxwell



Jeff oversees Student Ministries and an adult smallgroup. In directing Student Ministries, he is responsible for the preaching, discipleship, and direction of the ministry, which includes middle school and high school students. He leads a smallgroup that meets on Thursday’s in Tempe.

Jeff graduated with a Master of Divinity from Grace Bible Institute in May 2019, and is working to complete the same degree at The Expositors Seminary. He is greatly aided by his wife, Rebekah, in caring for students, leaders, and smallgroup participants. They currently have three kiddos with another on the way.

Omri Miles

BookTable & CoffeeTable & Smallgroup

Omri was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. God saved him in February 2008 and he began attending Grace Bible Church four months later, after graduating from college. He completed the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling program at The Master’s University in 2016 and has been a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors since 2018. In order to be further equipped to shepherd in pastoral ministry, Omri pursued seminary training from 2014-2019, acquiring a Master of Divinity degree from Grace Bible Institute at GBC. He continues to pursue training at The Expositors Seminary and expects to complete their M.Div program in the Spring of 2020. Omri loves to study, counsel, preach, and teach God’s word as he helps oversee the booktable, 414, a smallgroup, and our counseling training ministry, BCEV, as one of its board members. He lives in Gilbert, AZ with his wife, Emily, and their four children (Chloe, Obadiah, Jonah, and Ezekiel).

Michael Quihuiz

Equipping Hour & Smallgroup


Michael was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. At age 19, while attending college, God saved Michael by showing him his sin and bringing him to a saving faith. He met his wife Karis while attending East Valley Bible Church Gilbert. They have three kids: Noah, Chloe and Cecilia. They started attending Grace Bible Church in 2011 and became members the same year. Michael serves as deacon serving in both Equipping Hour and Smallgroup ministries.

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