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The glory of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ, manifested in the church around the world

Grace Bible Church is committed to missions. Missions exist to make the glory of God known through the preaching of the gospel and the formation of churches all around the world. These missions priorities are reflected in the people we send and the tasks we send them to do. To better understand our commitment to and understanding of missions please listen to our missions sermon series.

Papua New Guinea

Grace Bible Church has committed ourselves to the families from our church who have traveled to the remote Finisterre Mountains of Papua New Guinea: the Canns, and the Lehmans. Sent in 2014, these families are a precious part of the GBC body to whom we are completely committed to support. Joining the team in 2018 are the Mitchells and Amelia Brink.  We also support and some of our pastors take an active role in leadership of Finisterre Vision, the missions agency supporting our families serving in Papua New Guinea. To find out more and support our team, visit Finisterre Vision.

Massimo Mollica

In addition, we support Massimo Mollica and his family as they conduct their missionary work in Italy. To find out more and support Massimo & Susanna, visit

Weymann Lee

Weymann Lee, who has served for years as a pastor, has committed himself to the training of pastors around the world. Weymann is a valuable part of our church, and we wholly support him and his missions. To find out more and support Weymann & Helen, visit With Wings Like Eagles.

New Orleans Church Plant

Grace Bible Church is currently equipping a team to relocate to New Orleans to labor there in local church ministry. Go to our New Orleans Church Plant page for more information and find out how you can join and/or support the team.

Gilbert, AZ Church Plant

Grace Bible Church has recently sent a team to plant a new church in Gilbert, AZ – aptly named, Gilbert Bible Church. To find out more about Gilbert Bible Church visit their website at

Find Out More

To find out more about each of the families visit their blogs linked below.

How to Support PNG Mission Teams

You can give a tax-deductible gift to support the task of taking the gospel, the Bible, and the church to peoples in the Finisterre Region of Papua New Guinea. Here is how you can give to any of the families or to the whole team from Grace Bible Church.

Send a Check by Mail

Please make your check payable to Finisterre Vision. On your envelope please indicate “Cann”, “Lehman”, “Mitchell”, “Brink”, or “GBC Team PNG”. You can pick up PNG giving envelopes at the PNG table. Checks can be mailed to:

Finisterre Vision
P.O. Box 3752
Gilbert, AZ 85299

Donate Electronically

You can donate one-time or monthly gifts electronically by visiting each individual families blog and following the instructions. You can also give electronically directly through Finisterre Vision’s website.

Give on Sunday Morning

Donate one-time or monthly gifts by placing a check in a PNG giving envelope and placing it in the box at the PNG table. Please make your check payable to Finisterre Vision. On the envelope, please indicate “Cann”, “Lehman”, “Mitchell”, “Brink”, or “GBC Team PNG”.


Did you know you can support TEAM PNG just by linking your Fry’s VIP Card through their Community Rewards Program? Enroll today and they will receive your rewards! There is no cost to you and just by linking your VIP card, you can make a HUGE impact!

To enroll, please visit Fry’s Rewards Program. Even if you have enrolled before, you may have to re-enroll for TEAM PNG to continue to receive rewards. Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO number: 80544 and then select ‘search’. Under Select Your Organization: Select box next to your organization (University Bible Church).

Amazon Smile

The Amazon Smile program allows anyone to send a small percentage (0.5%) of their eligible Amazon purchases to a non-profit organization. Grace Bible Church has set up an account for the PNG team. If you buy things on Amazon, please use the link below to sign up to support them.

To sign up, simply click on Amazon Smile and sign in with your Amazon account. It will connect you to the legal name Grace Bible Church, “University Bible Church”. If you purchase Amazon goods through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the PNG team. It’s a small amount, but it’s another small way to raise funds without any extra costs.