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Youth and Students

Student Ministries seeks to first and foremost place the gospel before the students.

The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes (Rm 1:16) and is also the power for continued sanctification of the believer.  If the gospel is able to gain a central position in these student’s lives by God’s grace from this early point forward, they will have a solid foundation on which to live.

In addition, we introduce and place the BUILD and Wellspring disciplines of GBC before the students illustrated in the heart, the home, and the ministry sections below.

What to expect:

Student Ministries consists of students in 6th-12th grade typically meeting on Sunday evenings from 6-7:30pm. The meetings consist of:

  • A short devotion where we teach on one or all of the disciplines mentioned below (Heart, Home, Ministry)
  • Sing songs that highlight the gospel and help believers express praise to God.
  • Listen to a 25-30 minute message. We also have about 30 minutes of small group discussion (gender based).

Once every few weeks we will substitute a time of fellowship playing various games together for the sermon. On these weeks we maintain our discipline discussion, worship in song, and small group time. Also, it is not uncommon for parents to be present in our meetings.  Feel free to come and see what we do!

For additional information please contact Kyle Frazey.

The Heart

Why do we focus on the heart?  We want to help the students trusting Christ to cultivate the spiritual discipline of shepherding their hearts to God in His word.  As they increasingly pursue Jesus on their own, they must seek Him through His word.  His word is the clearest revelation of Himself, so to have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ means pursuing God through His word.

The Home

And what about the home?  We want to encourage all students to honor and submit to their parents, but we especially encourage those who are in Christ that the first place they need to make a broad, spiritual impact for Christ is in their homes.  They do this by being humble servants in the home under their parents and alongside their siblings.  It is far too easy for young teens to play “leapfrog” over both their own hearts and their homes.  Christian teens are not those who are dying to get out of their homes to much “cooler” places.  Rather, they are teens who are eager to please God in their homes, under their parents.

The Ministry

Finally, why the focus on the Ministry?  The teen years, for those who are in Christ, provide amazing opportunities to testify of God’s grace in their lives as well as to evangelize friends, classmates, and even family.  Young believers need to be equipped to stand firm on the gospel and to lovingly extend the gospel to the lost around them.  Though these are simple things, they are central to living a God-pleasing life.

Additional Info

Student Ministries aims to place the BUILD/Wellspring disciplines of GBC before the students (the heart, the home, and the ministry) in the same way we emphasize these with the adults.

The elders firmly believe that these kinds of spiritual disciplines are primarily your responsibility as parents to train your children in.  But we hope that you will find Student Ministries to be a tool to reinforce what you are trying to accomplish at home in the gospel.