Next Generation Ministry

Next Generation Ministries exists to glorify God by prayerfully striving to draw in, diligently planning to build up, and purposefully living to send out so that the gospel may be spread among our children, families may be supported, and the church may be strengthened.

What to Expect

Next Generation Ministries serves the children of GBC from infants through fifth grade. Beginning with the two year olds we provide age-appropriate Bible lessons and learning activities that are fun and spiritually rich. The children will learn about the character of God, the work of Christ, and how to live in a right relationship with Him. Each classroom is led by a skilled teacher who is committed to communicating the truth of God’s Word effectively and clearly.

With only a single service, it is important that as many people as possible serve on a rotating basis in Next Generation Ministry (NGM). After each service, the sermon is preached a second time for those who were out of the service teaching our children.

If you are a part of GBC and not yet serving in NGM, please complete an application and speak with one of the leaders.



Matt Kellso (Elder)
David Brittain (Deacon)
Vincent Lee (Deacon)