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Discipling Men

GBC seeks to teach, equip, encourage, and disciple men to grow Biblically in their love for God, their obedient devotion to Jesus Christ, and their ability to lead their homes and church in godliness.

What to Expect

If you are a man seeking to become involved in the life of the church you should first commit to a smallgroup. You should also prioritize taking part in BUILD at least once. Please contact us to get more information and sign up for our men’s ministry.

BUILD: Men’s Discipleship Class

The foundation of men’s ministry is BUILD. All men at GBC are invited to BUILD where the men of GBC are united in our commitment to shepherding our own hearts to God through His Word. BUILD begins each September and follows a normal school-year schedule. If you have never taken BUILD, contact us to sign up. Even if you have taken part in BUILD in the past, you are welcome to return as many times as you would like.

Other Discipleship Opportunities for Men

The Trust

Faithful men are to be entrusted with the task of leadership within the church (2 Tim 2:2). We invite men who have demonstrated consistency in the disciplines of BUILD to be equipped to lead with theology, tools for Bible study, and expository preaching in the Trust.


Men who have finished The Trust who are assisting in the shepherding care of those in the church and moving toward elder qualification regularly sit with the elders to interact over what it means to be a shepherd in the church.

The Expositors Seminary

Learn more about The Expositors Seminary campus at Grace Bible Church.

Looking for other opportunities to grow and serve?

In addition to BUILD and smallgroup, we encourage the men of the church to get involved in the ministries of the church on Sunday and throughout the week. Serving in Next Generation Ministry by teaching or caring for the kids on Sunday is a particularly important area of service. Please see the volunteer page and contact us to get involved.