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Getting To Know Our New Missionary (Part 8)

Scott Maxwell September 4, 2010

Massimo and his family have arrived! We have been spending some sweet time together over the last couple of days. I’m very eager for you all to meet them tomorrow in church and to be encouraged through the message Massimo will preach. Here’s some more questions to Massimo along with his answers. . .

Question: When is your departure date and what kinds of things are you desperately trying to finish before you go?

Answer: We will be leaving early Thursday morning September 9. There are so many things that are entailed in an international move. Think of it as an endless “To-Do” list. By God’s grace, we’re nearing the end. I’ve spent a lot of time getting our newsletter distribution to run more efficiently so we can better communicate with our partners here in the USA once we’re overseas. We spent time trying to track down light weight luggage because of the weight constraints on baggage. Other things include, last minute doctor appointments, getting the next round of immunizations for our children, and selling off the belongings we didn’t ship, like printers, exercise equipment, and our cars. We got International Driving Permits. I’ve driven down to the Italian Consluate in Los Angeles a few times to get my wife’s Visa and to get an Italian “social security” number so I can import our belongings into Italy at minimal cost. We’ve been out almost every night with friends or family to say our good-byes and see friends one last time. We’ve been filling out last minute paper work for our mission agency. We’ve had to tie up lose ends on the financial end, like getting family members here authorization to do bank transactions on our behalf, cancelling cell phone plans, and other things like that. I think we’re finally down to just needing to do some last minute shopping.

Question: You’re going to be with us for your last Sunday in the U.S.! What are you looking forward to in your time with us?

Answer: We’re looking forward to the cool weather in Phoenix! Just kidding. We’re eager to get to know you, fellowship with you, and express our gratitude to you. Since I’ve watched GBC grow over the years, its always a pleasure to worship with you in person. We’re also eager to let you get to know us. Missions work is always a partnership. There are the goers and the senders. Senders can be better senders the more they know the missionary that’s going. Also, it is a blessing to spend time with Scott and Kim Maxwell our last weekend in the USA. I’ve also grown to love the other elders at GBC and look forward to fellowship with them. In all of this, I’m eager for you to meet my family since they are unknown by most of you, including the elders.