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When Sinners Say I Do: March 2016 Book of the Month

Jacob Hantla March 6, 2016

When Sinners Say I Do has proven to perhaps be the most influential book besides the Bible in my life. While the book is written particularly with marriage in mind, it is must read material for all. In very easy-to-read fashion, Dave Harvey lays out how the gospel should impact your relationships with other people. This book is all about how to apply the gospel to relationships, and it accomplishes that goal very well.

What would happen in your marriage—what would happen in your interactions with your kids, parents, coworkers, neighbors, others in the church, even the cashier or customer service agent—if you were to go into those interactions more aware of God’s grace toward you than the other person’s sin?

The result is that I am quicker to see my own sin, quicker to repent, quicker to forgive, and better positioned to love, to help my spouse/friend/neighbor fight sin, and glorify God together.

The book begins by laying out the truth that you are a sinner. Not just as a theological abstraction, but in reality, I am the biggest sinner I know—and I have sinned against God! This would be horrible, depressing news if not for the good news, the gospel, of God’s grace-filled salvation of sinners. Knowing the depth of my sin will make me quick to suspect myself in the midst of conflict and quick to forgive. It is the one who has first seen and dealt with the log in his own eye who is well positioned to get the splinter out of his wife’s eye.

The result in my own life and marriage has been increased joy in God, more peace at home, less sin, greater forgiveness, improved freedom in conversation, better devotion, and truer love. I have read this book more than 10 times and have benefited each time.

There is no book I recommend more highly about marriage. It is easily read in one month. Please download the reading guide and try to complete the book this month.

When Sinner’s Say I Do reading guide.