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The Updated Sermon Podcast Is Live

Jacob Hantla May 29, 2017

As you have probably noticed if you are reading this, we have updated our website. As part of the migration process, if you subscribe to our weekly sermon podcast, you will need to update your subscription.

The podcast is a great way to hear the sermon if you missed the Sunday service or were serving in Next Generation Ministries and were unable to make the after-service re-preach. If you prefer to watch a video of the sermon you can access that from the Live Stream page. I put together a quick tutorial video of how to watch the Sunday archived video.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to our sermons podcast and make time each week to review the sermon. It amazes me how much I miss the first time around. Also, for me, hearing a sermon a second time in the middle of the week helps cement its contents into my memory and encourages real-life application. If you are like me, I often leave Sunday morning service invigorated and excited by the preaching of God’s Word, but if I’m not careful, by Monday morning (and definitely by Wednesday morning) the sermon’s contents and my corresponding resolutions have faded from memory. Making a practice of reviewing sermon notes, meditating on the Biblical text, and relistening to the sermon are valuable tools to increase the sermon’s effectiveness in your mind, heart, and life.

So if you haven’t subscribed to the sermon podcast (or if you need to update your subscription), do so now by following this link: If you don’t use iTunes you can find the podcast rss feed at

Then, consider scheduling a review of the sermon into your calendar. You can do this as part of your morning Bible study, perhaps as part of your commute, or even during a workout. Do whatever works best for your schedule, but do consider how you will work a regular sermon review into your life.