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Live Like You Want To Die

Jacob Hantla December 11, 2011

151 years ago, almost to the day, Charles Spurgeon (web Logos) gave the following very helpful advice:

Live while you live; while it is called today, work, for the night cometh wherein no man can work. And let us learn never to do anything which we would not wish to be found doing if we were to die.

We are sometimes asked by young people whether they may go to the theatre, whether they may dance, or whether they may do this or that. You may do anything which you would not be ashamed to be doing when Christ shall come. You may do anything which you would not blush to be found doing if the hand of death should smite you; but if you would dread to die in any spot, go not there; if you would not wish to enter the presence of your God with such-and-such a word upon your lip, utter not that word; or if there would be a thought that would be uncongenial to the judgment-day, seek not to think that thought. So act that you may feel you can take your shroud with you wherever you go.

How often do you live your life with a view on your death or Jesus’ return? Would the choices that we make in our use of time, interactions with others, use of money, choices in entertainment be affected if we did? This quote by Spurgeon reminds me of Scott Maxwell’s sermon “Stewardship and the Gospel (part 1)” where he reminds us that disciples/slaves of Jesus are marked by “Keeping our eyes on the door.” We know our master is to return or our time of service here on earth will come to an end; we must live our lives accordingly.