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Let Me Ask You a Question?

Tom Angstead December 28, 2011

Before I ask the question I want you to think about something. Let’s say you give someone you love an incredible gift. Perhaps it is an incredible gift for a spouse, a close friend, a son or daughter, a mom or dad. The point is this, you give this special person an incredible gift and this is the response you receive from the one you have given a gift to…

I love this gift! Your gift to me is the most valuable thing I have. I love/like and desire this gift you have given me more that I love/like or even desire a relationship with you.

What would you think of the person you have given this gift to?

Now let me ask the question?

Do you really love God? I know you love His forgiveness of sins, I know you love the salvation He gives. I know you love the fellowship you have in His Church. I know there are many gifts you receive from Him, but do you love God or do you love His gifts He has given to you?

Being in love with God is a call to action. Because of my love for God I will desire to know Him more by reading His Word, by obeying His commands, by being FAITHFUL to him!


Lord I realize that I can be so focused on the gifts you lavish on me that I miss who you are. Lord I desire to know you better. Lord I am convinced that to know you intimately is even better than the gifts you give. Lord in my love for you I desire to be a faithful slave. Amen