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Doctrine of Repentance: May’s Book of the Month

Jacob Hantla May 1, 2016

Every month, the booktable ministry gives you a good book that can be read in month along with some simple resources to help guide you. Please consider reading each month’s book of the month with the rest of the body. Consider, that for less than 20 minutes a day, you will read 12 great books in a year. Consider the effect on your heart, home, and ministry that 120 of the best books ever written will make over the next decade!

So this month, we are pleased to present Thomas Watson’s Doctrine of Repentance. These were originally Thomas Watson’s (1620-1686) personal thoughts on repentance for his own benefit, never intended to be published. However, in light of the necessity of the subject, Doctrine of Repentance was published and has been a classic that has withstood the test of time as one of the best on the topic for over 300 years!

We need to consider repentance deeply and practice it regularly and thoroughly. I am excited for the effect that this book will make on our body.

For that reason, Omri has put together a supplemental tool to help us understand and practice biblical repentance. Please pick up the reading guide and the 3 page repentance resource at the booktable or you can download and print them from this post: