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Will You Pray For the Women of GBC This Weekend?

Scott Maxwell September 8, 2010

Each year about this time our ladies sneak away to a local hotel to gather around God’s word and fellowship together. This year we have more than we’ve ever had do that in the past – 112 women! That’s very encouraging, humbling and overwhelming all at once!

Their speaker for the weekend is our very own Smedly Yates. He’s going to be teaching the women on how to study the Bible well. Every time I’ve walked by his office this week he has been laboring to put together sessions that will intersect the women and equip them to dig deeply into the word of God so they can meet with the God of the word.

Will you please pray for the women? Pray they will grow in desire for God in His word. Pray they will become better equipped to discern God’s meaning through what He has said in His word. Pray for God to use Smed to help accomplish these things in their lives. Pray for the retreat to help those newer to the church to feel more “at home” at GBC. Pray for relationships to be strengthened around God’s word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Give thanks in advance for all that He will do!

Thank you! It is a joy to shepherd this flock!