Equipping Hour starts this Sunday, November 1 at 9:00am. No childcare available, but children are welcome. Learn more here

Announcements: 10-25-20

Grace Bible Church October 23, 2020

New to Grace Bible Church?
If you are newer to GBC and would like to learn more about what the church believes and practices as well as interact with the elder leadership, please email (info@gbcaz.org) or call the office 480.968.6085.

Equipping Hour class
Equipping Hour will re-start next Sunday, November 1 at 9:00am in the Worship Center. Jonathan Anderson will be teaching a series titled, Did God Really Say?

Infants through Twos will be re-starting next Sunday, November 1.

Baptism Classes – Last Day to Register
If you are interested in learning about baptism or interested in being baptized, please register for the baptism class. The classes will run November 1- November 15, from 9:00am-10:00am. Please register online at www.gbcaz.org/events. If you have any questions, please contact the church office (info@gbcaz.org).

NGM Teachers Needed
We are currently in need of NGM servants. Workers serve on a rotation every four weeks. If interested and available please contact Vincent Lee (vincent@gbcaz.org).

Bulletin’s Online Comment Card
To request information about the church’s ministries, how to get connected or submit prayer requests, contact the church office to receive an electronic comment card. (info@gbcaz.org).

Smallgroups are the best way to participate in the life of Grace Bible Church. If you are not in a smallgroup, you can see the InfoTable for more information, or mark your interest on a comment card.

Food Pantry
Grace Bible Church houses a food pantry on campus. The food pantry is intended to help meet benevolence needs of those within our church body as well as, at times, those outside of our church. If you are in need or would like more information about the food pantry please contact Steve Kovach, (steve@gbcaz.org), who is currently overseeing our benevolence needs.

Book of the Month
The October book of the month is Courageous Churchmen by Jerry Wragg ($15). While the entire flock would benefit from thinking biblically about church leadership, Christian men, especially those who are currently or aspiring toward church leadership would greatly benefit from reading this book. See this month’s accompanying reading guide for a suggested one-month reading plan and additional resources on developing church leaders.