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Support the Hantlas Through Grace Bible Church

Matt Kellso August 23, 2018

As many of you are aware, one of our pastors, Jacob Hantla, was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. As we come alongside to support Jacob and family, Grace Bible Church has created a line item in the budget to help them with expenses. You can give money to Grace Bible Church with a recommendation in the line item saying: Hantla. There are other crowdfunding options out there that could support them, but those all take a significant percentage to cover fees.

Jacob has recently preached two sermons on how to keep God near and suffer well in trials.  I would encourage you to listen to those as they clearly communicate where a believer’s focus needs to be both in trials and in preparing for those trials.  Jacob teaches us that suffering well requires heart preparation long before the time of suffering arrives.  Jacob has preached on this topic well and more importantly, he has been an exemplary model of this Biblical truth.  Here are links to those:

Philippians 4:5-7 – The Only Way to True Peace

With Lymphoma, Caring for My Heart and Looking to Heaven

Jacob has also noted in the past from a communion meditation on Hebrews 12:1-3, “Trials aren’t a hindrance to the race of faith; they are the track on which we run this race.” Let’s care for the Hantla family as they run this race.

You can give online at through our giving portal by selection the designation Benevolence – Hantla (note that credit card fees are subtracted by the processor, see note on giving page. You can also give by sending a check or by personally delivering it to the church office. Please be aware of our disclosure regarding tax-deductible charitable giving to Grace Bible Church, “Donors can indicate a designation indicating a preference for how contributed funds will be allocated (i.e., general fund, missions, building fund, benevolence, etc.). However, Grace Bible Church (GBC) has exclusive control and discretion as to the use of all contributions and GBC is not bound to honor the recommendations of the donors nor will donors be able to recover a contribution because GBC failed to honor the donor’s designation. If you have any questions about this, please speak with an elder.”