Song Posting

Josh Kellso October 6, 2010

Hello everyone,

I thought it might be helpful to post the words to songs every once in a while that may be less familiar to many of you. Any feedback is welcome! The first song I will be posting is Thanks Be To God. Much of this song is from Romans 6 however there are also lines from Eph 1-2 Gal 2 and other themes from the book of Romans.


Verse 1

Such hope set before me
As I look to the cross
Where Jesus He died
To ransom the Lost
His blood has redeemed
And pulled me from the grave
No Longer bound by my sin
Now to Christ I’m a slave


Thanks be to God who has freed me from sin
I’ve been crucified with Christ I now live in   Him
Thanks be to God my redeemer and friend
For my wages were death but I’ve Christ’s free gift

Verse 2

The Christ on the cross
How can this be
The innocent slaughtered
The guilty go free
My cup of wrath
Christ fully drank
And the love of the Father
Was fully displayed


Sing Hallelujah honor the Lamb
All praise and glory be given to Him