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September 15, 2019 Announcements

Grace Bible September 13, 2019

Today’s Equipping Hour class
Doxological Counseling: Instructing Worshipers to the Praise and Glory of God. What a counselor believes about God most determines the principles and practices of counseling. This class will better equip us to counsel our own hearts and others for the exaltation of our great God. Taught by Omri Miles.

Next week’s Equipping Hour class
Doxological Counseling: Instructing Worshipers to the Praise and Glory of God; taught by Omri Miles

Women’s Ministry
Please join us this Friday, September 20, from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the home of Julie Porter. We will hear testimonies of God’s grace in the lives of women from our body, as well as share in fellowship, prayer, and dessert. Stop by the InfoTable to pick up a flyer. For more information, please contact Ann Angstead (

Sunday Evening Service
September 22 from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Grace Bible Church will be hosting Dr. Matthew McClain, PhD., professor of biology and geology at The Master’s University for a lecture entitled, “Are There Really Feathered Dinosaurs?”. All are invited to attend.

Luncheon for the 50+ of GBC
On the first Sunday of the month come join a group that meets for lunch at nearby restaurants. For more information, to signup for regular reminders, or to RSVP for the next lunch, please contact Ashley Anderson (

Discovery Lunch
If you are newer to the church, Discovery Lunch is a great place to enjoy some food, learn more about what the church believes and interact with an elder. The next lunch will be hosted at GBC on Sunday, October 6 from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Future Discovery lunches will take place approximately on a monthly basis. Please register online at If you have any questions, please contact the church office (

Baptism Classes
If you are interested in learning about baptism or interested in being baptized, please register for the baptism class. The classes will run October 27, November 3 and10 from 11:00am-12:30pm. Please register online at Any questions, please contact the church office (

TES Super Seminar
Join us November 8-9, 2019 as The Expositors Seminary will host a TES Super Seminar featuring author and The Master’s Seminary professor, Michael Vlach. The Super Seminar will take place on GBC’s campus Friday and Saturday. More details to follow.

Book of the Month
September’s book of the month is Profiting From the Word by A. W. Pink ($6). This book includes ten chapters about the effects that Bible reading ought to have on the Christian’s life. It is an excellent supplement to what our church will be learning through Build and Wellspring in the coming months. Please see the booktable servants for a reading guide with a suggested one-month reading plan.

Restoration and Church Discipline (Matthew 18:15-17)
Jesus directs the church to patiently and gently pursue its sinning believers that they may be won back from their sin. In cases where the professing Christian refuses to repent of sin, Jesus directs the church to remove the unrepentant one from the church family and fellowship. GBC practices church discipline as prescribed by its bylaws in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17. Regular attendance at GBC is considered affirmation of this biblical practice. If you have any questions regarding church discipline please listen to our sermon titled “The Heart of Christ for our Holiness” located on our website ( The elders are also available to answer any questions.

Today’s Next Generation Ministries lesson: Revelation 19:11-20:15 – God Will Judge the World
Next week’s lesson: Revelation 21:1-22:21 – God Creates a New Heaven and New Earth