Music for June 10

Grace Bible June 8, 2018

Music Devotion by Matt York

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

It’s no surprise that my mediation has been on Genesis 1 this week. After being immersed in encouraging and meaningful study of the literal 6-day creation account this past weekend with students at summer camp than concluding with creation evidence from Creation Institute scientists, my reflection has been on the Bible’s first 10 words that immediately showcase the Creator’s majesty. The sovereign Creator establishes His omnipotence and lays the foundation on which our entire Bible rests right out of the gate. Simply put, God (alone) made (out of nothing) the earth and the universe in a defined window of time (A literal 6-days). God’s supremacy, power and authority are on full display in the Bible’s first sentence and this foundational statement is trustworthy in its totality. When we relent to dishonest logic regarding our origin, despite the understandable and defensible account of Genesis, we deny what God has clearly revealed in His word. May we never surrender this authority for it is the very power that created the universe, raised Christ from the grip of death while conquering it’s hold, gives new life to His elect and sustains them for eternity. May we prepare our hearts this week for worship through song by reflecting on the foundational truths revealed in creation and the cornerstone that is Jesus Himself.

How Firm A Foundation
In Christ Alone
Jesus I My Cross Have Taken

Guitar 1: Matt
Guitar 2: David
Drums: Elisa
Bass: Mike
Piano: Kate
Vocals: Amy, Mick