Music for July 15

Grace Bible July 13, 2018

Music Devotion by Matt York

Isaiah 26:3
The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You. 

My “Check Engine” light came on last week. Three days later I backed into a pipe and shattered my rear window. Today, I got my first auto insurance bill for my newly licensed teenage driver. Without apology, I refer to Jacob Hantla’s sermon last week. “The Lord is near.” I’ve been saying (and believing) it all week and it’s becoming habit!

Those are all trivial, self-centered examples I know, but I have been thinking about being steadfast of mind lately. I desperately want to be rooted in Him, so no trial will sway me from truth. Our minds are not subject to change when our trust is firmly rooted in Christ therefore we must continually reinforce our single mindedness towards our Creator. Being steadfast of mind is also necessary when those in our body are struggling. The body anchored-in-Christ supporting those who are facing distress while building them up with truth is a tangible act of genuine love. Trust begets a steady mind begets peace. What a beautiful cycle of His kindness and it begins with our Bibles open. As you prepare your heart for worship this week, steady your mind on truth and without hesitation affirm “Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say it is well with my soul”.

By Grace Alone,


By Faith
It Is Well
The Wonder Of The Cross
Before The Throne
Glorious Day

Guitar: Matt
Piano: Brandon
Bass: Mark
Drums: Elisa
Vocals: Louise, Nick