Music for Sept 12th

Josh Kellso September 9, 2010

This week we will be doing an acoustic set. I am so excited to sing once again of our salvation story. I am excited to sing of how we once were lost in darkest night. Pridefully I thought I knew the way. Yet I was only running my hell bound race. It was when I was in this state that Christ saved me! I will never understand the mystery of the cross but I am so excited that I will be exploring the beauty of it for all eternity. Our hearts must be filled with thankfulness and love for our awesome Savior. The Father’s love is boundless. I love singing of the Gospel! I love singing of the love of God displayed through His Son Jesus! I love singing of these things with the body of Christ! I look forward to rejoicing in these Truths together this Sunday!

All I Have is Christ
Jesus Thank You
My Jesus I Love Thee
How Deep The Father’s Love for Us


Josh Kellso