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Music for May 15th

Josh Kellso May 11, 2016

Psalm 147:7-11
 7  Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving;
Sing praises to our God on the lyre,
8  Who covers the heavens with clouds,
Who provides rain for the earth,
Who makes grass to grow on the mountains.
9  He gives to the beast its food,
And to the young ravens which cry.
10  He does not delight in the strength of the horse;
He does not take pleasure in the legs of a man.
11  The Lord favors those who fear Him,
Those who wait for His lovingkindness.

We have so much to give thanks for to our God. He is good and worthy of all praises. He is majestic and full of power. He covers the heavens with clouds. He is the Creator and sustainer of all things. And His delight is those who fear Him and trust in His lovingkindness, the lovingkindness that sent His Son to earth to be the Man of Sorrows. To be the Church’s One Foundation. To be the Good Shepherd who holds us fast. It was the deep love of the Father that has brought us into a reconciled relationship with Him. He is great and worth of Praise!
The Church’s One Foundation
Man of Sorrows
He Will Hold Me Fast (New Song)
How Deep The Father’s Love
Here is a recording of the new song we will be doing:
Josh Kellso