January 6, 2019 Announcements

Grace Bible January 4, 2019

New to Grace Bible Church?
If you are newer to GBC and would like to learn more about what the church believes and practices as well as interact with the elder leadership, please sign-up using the tear-off portion of the card below or email (info@gbcaz.org) or call the office 480.968.6085.

Giving Statements
The church will be mailing 2018 giving statements by January 31; do we have your updated mailing address? If you moved in the last year, would you please share your new address with us so we can mail your statement to the correct address? Contact the church office with any questions (info@gbcaz.org).

Membership Classes
Classes start next Sunday. If you are interested in learning about membership at GBC, please register for the membership class. The classes will run January 13 – February 10, before church from 8:15am-9:45am. Please register online at www.gbcaz.org/events. If you have any questions, please contact the church office (info@gbcaz.org).

If you pay Arizona state income tax, you have the opportunity to direct those tax dollars to the tuition needs of children who attend either Christian schools or special needs schools. The number of children in GBC who attend such schools is growing and many are in need of tuition help. If you’d like to participate as either a giver or receiver, please contact the church office (info@gbcaz.org).

Student Ministries Winter Camp
Registration is still open for Student Ministries Winter Camp, January 18-20 in Prescott, AZ. Josh Kellso will be preaching on “Pursuing wisdom in the face of correction.” Register at https://gbcaz.ccbchurch.com/goto/ forms/139/responses/new. For more details or questions contact Josh Kellso (josh@gbcaz.org).

Communion Wafers
Grace Bible Church serves gluten-free wafers made from rice, safflower oil, and soy. The manufacturer conducts routine testing using the ELISA method to ensure less than 20 parts per million gluten.

Food Pantry
Grace Bible Church is now housing a food pantry on campus. The food pantry is intended to help meet benevolence needs of those within our church body as well as, at times, those outside of our church. If you are in need or would like more information about the food pantry please contact Steve Kovach, (stevekovach@gbcaz.org), who oversees our benevolence needs.

Book of the Month
This month, the booktable is recommending various devotional resources to accompany daily Bible reading plans. These will aid adults and/or children who are striving to read the Bible in a year. Please see the booktable servants for more information.


Today’s Next Generation Ministries lesson: Luke 8:22-39 – Jesus Demonstrates His Authority
Next week’s lesson: Mark 5:21-43 – Jesus Has Power over Disease and Death