GBC is open for in-person gatherings this Sunday, at 10:15am Updates regarding our service can be read here.

GBC Monday Update: 7-20-20

Grace Bible Church July 20, 2020

Grace Bible Church,

I know we only finished chapter 1 of Colossians on Sunday but I have been pondering Chapter 3:17. It says, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” This season has created many opportunities to trust the Lord. And my prayer for myself and for our church is that how we respond to these difficult circumstances would be done in the name of Jesus with thankfulness. Even in the various disappointments and discouragement we are facing, we have so much to give thanks for in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Let us persevere in gratefulness to our great God as we seek to honor Him in all we do.

Below is what you need to know for this week. Also, thank you so much for your continued prayers for the elders as we seek to lead GBC in a way that honors the Lord and blesses His church. It is such a joy and privilege to serve!

Elder Blog
A recent post from the elder blog, “Plumer on Psalm 63” shares some devotional thoughts from W. S. Plumer’s commentary on the Psalms.

Smallgroups will continue to meet in locations and settings that are appropriate to their demographics and situations. Each smallgroup leader will continue to give careful consideration to their group’s gatherings. In light of temporarily not meeting physically on Sunday mornings, smallgroups will be instrumental for us as a church in caring well for each other. If you are currently not connected to a smallgroup, we strongly encourage you to do so, even if your participation will be virtual during the pandemic. If you need assistance identifying a smallgroup to join please contact me ( and I would love to assist you.

Sunday Service Livestream Options (10:15-11:45am):
Our livestream options for service this coming Sunday are as follows:
Grace Bible Church Website
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Book of the Month
Our book of the month for July is Letters on Christian Education ($7). The book includes nine short letters written by an anonymous Christian woman to her friend on parenting. These letters were originally published in the mid-1800s. As the publisher writes, “You will find in them sound biblical counsel and practical personal advice concerning the training and education of children — from infants just entering the world to teens about to leave the home and face the world on their own.” You can purchase a copy at the booktable’s online store and we will deliver it to your home address.

If you have any questions or shepherding needs that arise, please reach out to the elders (

Josh Kellso

on behalf of the elders of Grace Bible Church