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Equipping Hour Registration 2014-2015

Grace Bible October 31, 2014

Starting September 14

Equipping Hour Registration: Block1
Equipping Hour Registration: Block2
Equipping Hour Registration: Block3
Equipping Hour Kids: Block 3
Equipping Hour Registration: Block4
Equipping Hour Kids: Block 4
Equipping Hour Registration: Block5
Equipping Hour Kids: Block 5

Equipping Hour Flyer



The elders of GBC are pleased to announce the launch of Equipping Hour, a new ministry in which six-week courses will be offered for adults on Sunday evenings from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The Equipping Hour exists to further equip believers at Grace Bible Church for effective ministry. Equipping Hour classes are offered in six-week blocks, with several classes occurring simultaneously in each block. Equipping Hour Kids will run simultaneously, to provide programming for children (infants – 5th grade) of parents attending the Equipping Hour. For each six- week block, you may sign up for only one class, or you may sign up to help serve in Equipping Hour Kids.

Below is the schedule for the school-year 2014-2015, subject to change. If you are planning to participate in the Equipping Hour, we request that you sign up to serve Equipping Hour Kids for at least one six-week block during the year. If you are interested in attending any of these classes, you must register online at If you do not have internet access or would like assistance with registering, help will be available at the information table.

Fall 2014
Block 1 (September 14 – October 19)
“Your Heart and God’s Money: Biblical Financial Stewardship”
Teachers: Jacob Hantla, Dave Bower, Tom Blevins

“Parenting Teens”
Teachers: Scott and Sarah Demarest

“Basics of Bible Study: Getting More from Your Bible Reading”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Equipping Hour Kids

Block 2 (October 26 – December 7)
Grace Bible Church Membership Class
Teachers: Elders of Grace Bible Church

“Introduction to Biblical Counseling”
Teachers: Tom Angstead and Omri Miles

“Diagramming for Dummies: Observing Grammar to Understand Scripture”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Equipping Hour Kids

Spring 2015
Block 3 (January 11 – February 22)
“Killing Peter Pan: Becoming Biblical Men”
Teacher: Scott Demarest

“Logos Training: Using Logos Software to Better Understand Scripture”
Teacher: Jacob Hantla

“Lessons from Church History”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Equipping Hour Kids

Block 4 (March 1 – April 12)
“The Doctrines of Grace”
Teachers: GBC elders

“Six Heroes from Church History”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Grace Bible Church Membership Class
Teachers: Elders of Grace Bible Church

Equipping Hour Kids

Block 5 (April 19 – May 31)
“Hermeneutics 1: How To Study the Bible”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

“Proclaiming His Excellencies: Sharpening our Evangelism”
Teacher: Scott Maxwell

“Parenting” (ages 0-5yrs)
Teacher: Scott and Sarah Demarest

Equipping Hour Kids