Equipping Hour Registration 2014-2015

Grace Bible October 31, 2014

Starting September 14

Equipping Hour Registration: Block1
Equipping Hour Registration: Block2
Equipping Hour Registration: Block3
Equipping Hour Kids: Block 3
Equipping Hour Registration: Block4
Equipping Hour Kids: Block 4
Equipping Hour Registration: Block5
Equipping Hour Kids: Block 5

Equipping Hour Flyer



The elders of GBC are pleased to announce the launch of Equipping Hour, a new ministry in which six-week courses will be offered for adults on Sunday evenings from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The Equipping Hour exists to further equip believers at Grace Bible Church for effective ministry. Equipping Hour classes are offered in six-week blocks, with several classes occurring simultaneously in each block. Equipping Hour Kids will run simultaneously, to provide programming for children (infants – 5th grade) of parents attending the Equipping Hour. For each six- week block, you may sign up for only one class, or you may sign up to help serve in Equipping Hour Kids.

Below is the schedule for the school-year 2014-2015, subject to change. If you are planning to participate in the Equipping Hour, we request that you sign up to serve Equipping Hour Kids for at least one six-week block during the year. If you are interested in attending any of these classes, you must register online at gbcaz.org/equipping-hour. If you do not have internet access or would like assistance with registering, help will be available at the information table.

Fall 2014
Block 1 (September 14 – October 19)
“Your Heart and God’s Money: Biblical Financial Stewardship”
Teachers: Jacob Hantla, Dave Bower, Tom Blevins

“Parenting Teens”
Teachers: Scott and Sarah Demarest

“Basics of Bible Study: Getting More from Your Bible Reading”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Equipping Hour Kids

Block 2 (October 26 – December 7)
Grace Bible Church Membership Class
Teachers: Elders of Grace Bible Church

“Introduction to Biblical Counseling”
Teachers: Tom Angstead and Omri Miles

“Diagramming for Dummies: Observing Grammar to Understand Scripture”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Equipping Hour Kids

Spring 2015
Block 3 (January 11 – February 22)
“Killing Peter Pan: Becoming Biblical Men”
Teacher: Scott Demarest

“Logos Training: Using Logos Software to Better Understand Scripture”
Teacher: Jacob Hantla

“Lessons from Church History”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Equipping Hour Kids

Block 4 (March 1 – April 12)
“The Doctrines of Grace”
Teachers: GBC elders

“Six Heroes from Church History”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

Grace Bible Church Membership Class
Teachers: Elders of Grace Bible Church

Equipping Hour Kids

Block 5 (April 19 – May 31)
“Hermeneutics 1: How To Study the Bible”
Teacher: Smedly Yates

“Proclaiming His Excellencies: Sharpening our Evangelism”
Teacher: Scott Maxwell

“Parenting” (ages 0-5yrs)
Teacher: Scott and Sarah Demarest

Equipping Hour Kids