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August 18, 2019 Announcements

Grace Bible August 16, 2019

Today’s Equipping Hour class
Bibliology: How did we get the Bible? Can we trust the Bible? Inspiration, Canonization, Preservation, and Textual Criticism; taught by Smedly Yates

Next week’s Equipping Hour class
Bibliology: How did we get the Bible? Can we trust the Bible? Inspiration, Canonization, Preservation, and Textual Criticism; taught by Smedly Yates

Luncheon for the 50+ of GBC
On the first Sunday of the month come join a group that meets for lunch at nearby restaurants. For more information, to signup for regular reminders, or to RSVP for the next lunch, please contact Ashley Anderson (ashley@gbcaz.org).

Women’s Ministry
Our Summer Friday Nights are back! Please join us this coming Friday, August 23, from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the home of Melissa Barbakoff. We will hear testimonies of God’s grace in the lives of women from our body, as well as share in fellowship, prayer, and dessert. Stop by the InfoTable to pick up a flyer. For more information, please contact Ann Angstead (ann@gbcaz.org).

Women’s Conference
Grace Bible Church is hosting a Women’s Conference September 6 and 7, 2019. The conference will be located at GBC. If you would like to attend, please register online at gbcaz.org/events. Registration is $30. Please register by September 1. Contact Ann Angstead with any questions (ann@gbcaz.org).

Build & Wellspring
Registration closes today. Build (for men) and Wellspring (for women) are ministries designed for believers in Jesus Christ who have made GBC their home church. Focusing on gospel-transformed lives and seeking to grow in Christian faith, we will learn together how to have greater influence for the gospel, starting in our homes. Build will take place on Saturdays, and will begin on September 14. Wellspring will be offered on Saturdays, and will also be available on Thursdays. Thursday Wellspring begins on September 12. The Thursday Wellsping children’s program (ages 0-7) is full at the moment. We are offering a wait list for that program. If you plan to participate with us, please register as soon as possible so we can staff appropriately; space is limited. Register online at www.gbcaz.org/events.

Considering Marriage?
Grace Bible Church will be offering an 11-week premarital class beginning soon. Completion of this class is a prerequisite for anyone being married by GBC staff and it’s a great way to start your lives together with a strong biblical foundation. Interested? Please contact the church office (info@gbcaz.org).

Book of the Month
July and August’s books of the month are Twelve Ordinary Men ($8) and Twelve Extraordinary Women ($8), both written by John MacArthur. These books provide excellent examples of God’s desire to use the weak things of the world to accomplish incredible feats and will help us to humbly walk in a manner worth of our calling. Please see the BookTable servants for more information and a reading guide with suggested one- month reading plans.

Restoration and Church Discipline (Matthew 18:15-17)
Jesus directs the church to patiently and gently pursue its sinning believers that they may be won back from their sin. In cases where the professing Christian refuses to repent of sin, Jesus directs the church to remove the unrepentant one from the church family and fellowship. GBC practices church discipline as prescribed by its bylaws in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17. Regular attendance at GBC is considered affirmation of this biblical practice. If you have any questions regarding church discipline please listen to our sermon titled “The Heart of Christ for our Holiness” located on our website (www.gbcaz.org/sermon/111013-sermon/). The elders are also available to answer any questions.

Today’s Next Generation Ministries lesson: Acts 27:1-44 – God Protects Paul
Next week’s lesson: Acts 28:11-31 – Paul Testifies to the Gospel in Rome